HyCon Serial (USB/RS-232) over TCP/IPΒΆ

On the machine where the HyCon board is attached to, run something like socat or for instance the tcp_serial_redirect.py which is shipped with PySerial and can be obtained from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pyserial/pyserial/master/examples/tcp_serial_redirect.py

Other Unix binaries which can be used are for instance socat https://bloggerbust.ca/post/let-socket-cat-be-thy-glue-over-serial/ or netcat.

Next, put a script like the following at that machine (now refered to as the server):

#!/bin/bash -x
source ~/.bash_profile
cd "$(dirname $0)"
/usr/local/bin/python3 tcp_serial_redirect.py -P 12345 /dev/cu.usbserial-DN050L1O 115200

Then, from the client machine, run something like

ssh -L 12345:localhost:12345 ac /path/to/the/ac-bridge/run-bridge.sh

Where run-bridge.sh contains that script above. Now you can connect to TCP port 12345 at the client machine in order to speak directly with the HyCon. This works remarkably well, also TCP buffering or network latency is not a problem at all for me even with Bernds slow internet connection :-)


Known bugs: When quitting the ssh session, the bridge is sometimes not killed properly. In this case, log into the server and kill the script directly, for instance with the following command:

ps aux | grep tcp_serial_redirect | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill